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RatingGraphConfig - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.domain.config
Configure the ratings graph.
RatingGraphConfig() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.domain.config.RatingGraphConfig
RatingGraphConfig.Type - Enum in com.buckosoft.fibs.domain.config
Define what type of data to display in the Rating Graph.
RatingGraphPanel - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui
The toolbar ratings graph widget
RatingGraphPanel() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.RatingGraphPanel
Create a new RatingGraphPanel
RatingGraphPanel.Specs - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui
RatingGraphPanelConfigureDialog - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui
Configure the Rating Graph Panel
RatingGraphPanelConfigureDialog(Frame) - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.RatingGraphPanelConfigureDialog
RatingGraphPanelConfigureDialog(JFrame, CommandDispatcher) - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.RatingGraphPanelConfigureDialog
Create and display the RatingGraphConfigure dialog.
rebuildGroups() - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.playerList.PlayerListPopupMenu
receiveLine(String, int) - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.PlayerReportPane
Receive a line from FIBS.
redraw() - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.RatingGraphPanel
Force a redraw of the graph.
redrawOwnInfo() - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.MainDialog
After parsing the "Own info" message from FIBS, update the buttons etc.
removeAll() - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.inviterList.InviterTableModel
Remove all of the inviters in the list
removeAll() - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.playerList.PlayerTableModel
Remove all of the Players in the list.
removeSavedMatch(String) - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.document.Document
Remove a player from the savedMatches list.
removeUpdate(DocumentEvent) - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.RatingGraphPanelConfigureDialog
RepBotPopupSubmenu - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.playerList
The repbot submenu that says whether to vouch or complain about a player.
RepBotPopupSubmenu() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.playerList.RepBotPopupSubmenu
This method initializes
ReplayToolbar - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab
Be the Replay Toolbar above the board
ReplayToolbar() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.ReplayToolbar
Create and initialize the ReplayToolbar
ReplayToolbarI - Interface in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab
Replay Toolbar public interface
repopulate(Player) - Method in class
Empty and recreate the entries in the popup menu for this player.
repopulate() - Method in class
reset(boolean) - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.GameManager
Reset a game to have no moves stored.
reset() - Method in class
Call this function to reset before reconnecting to FIBS.
resetFIBSCookieMonster() - Method in class
Reset the state of the cookie monster
resetGame() - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.document.Document
Called at the beginning of a game, resets game user attributes
ResignOut - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab
Dialog for You want to resign.
ResignOut(JFrame, Component, CommandDispatcher) - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.ResignOut
Create and display the preferences dialog.
RIGHT_DIE_PLAYS - Static variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.BFProperties
RIGHT_DIE_SWAPS - Static variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.BFProperties
ropChanged(boolean[]) - Method in interface com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.CommandDispatcher
User has changed the state of the Ready, Online, or Playing button
ropChanged(boolean[]) - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.CommandDispatcherImpl
run() - Method in class
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