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Bar - Static variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.domain.Board
When dealing with pointArrays, the special value Bar is 25
barWidth - Variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.BoardPane.BoardSpecs
BFProperties - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS
user configuration with persistence.
BFProperties(boolean) - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.BFProperties
constructor for TEST
BFProperties() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.BFProperties
Create a new BFProperties.
board - Variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.BoardPane
Board - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.domain
Define a backgammon board.
Board() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.domain.Board
Create an empty board
BoardGui - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab
Main object of the GUI board.
boardPane - Variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.AnimateEventDouble
boardPane - Variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.AnimateEventMove
BoardPane - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane
Draw a backgammon board.
BoardPane() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.BoardPane
Default/only constructor
BoardPane.BoardSpecs - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane
Precalculate the dimensions of a board for drawing
BoardSpecs() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.BoardPane.BoardSpecs
BoardTab - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab
The board as it appears under the "Board Tab" of the main dialog.
BoardTab() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.BoardTab
Create and initialize a BoardTab
BOLD - Static variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.SystemMessagesTextPane
bs - Variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.AnimateEventDouble
bs - Variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.AnimateEventMove
bs - Variable in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.BoardPane
Drawing dimensions and hints
buttonPressed(ToolbarHandler.Button) - Method in class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.CommandDispatcherImpl
buttonPressed(ToolbarHandler.Button) - Method in interface com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.ToolbarHandler
Method to call when a button is pressed
ButtonTabComponent - Class in com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.chatWindow
Component to be used as tabComponent; Contains a JLabel to show the text and a JButton to close the tab it belongs to.
ButtonTabComponent(ChatTabs) - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.chatWindow.ButtonTabComponent
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