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f - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.Pigment
The filter component
feet - Static variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.PovWorld
feet = foot, a convienence attribute
fifthGunSpewCount - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.VolcanoWorld
Finish - Class in com.buckosoft.povspew.util
Basically store a string and call it a finish
Finish() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.Finish
Creates a new instance of Finish
Finish(String) - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.Finish
Fireplace - Class in com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano
Fireplace() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.Fireplace
Creates a new instance of Fireplace
fireplace - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.VolcanoWorld
fireplaceShelfLength - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.TteoacWorld
FishtankMain - Class in com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank
Make the Flying Rocks show
FishtankMain() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank.FishtankMain
FishtankRunner - Class in com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank
Build the data for the Fishtank.
FishtankRunner() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank.FishtankRunner
FishtankWorld - Class in com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank
FishtankWorld() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank.FishtankWorld
fit_spline_accuracy(double) - Method in class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.Spline
fit_spline_length(double) - Method in class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.Spline
FlatCar - Class in com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.trains
FlatCar() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.trains.FlatCar
Creates a new instance of FlatCar
FlatCar(double) - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.trains.FlatCar
Creates a new instance of FlatCar whose position on the track is offset
floorBounceColor - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Thrust.ThrustPiece
If he has bounced, this runs 0..1 from bounce to end
floorBounceTime - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Thrust.ThrustPiece
When a piece bounces off the floor, his radius grows quicker and he floats up
floorHardness - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Mushroom.MushroomWorld
How much bounce is there to the floor.
floorHardness - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.VolcanoWorld
How much bounce is there to the floor.
FlyingRock - Class in com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank
Look Ted! Flying Rocks!
FlyingRock() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank.FlyingRock
flyingRocks - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank.FishtankWorld
foot - Static variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.PovWorld
a foot = 12 inches
fourthGunSpewCount - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.VolcanoWorld
fps - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.SpewGlobal
frame - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.Spew
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