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Database - Interface in com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.db
API into the tteoac database
DatabaseImpl - Class in com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.db
Implement the tteoac database.
DatabaseImpl() - Constructor for class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.db.DatabaseImpl
db - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Mushroom.MushroomWorld
If we are databasing, the database
db - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Reefer.ReeferWorld
If we are databasing, the database
DEBUG - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Reefer.ReeferWorld
debugSpew - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.VolcanoWorld
debugType - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.Spew
For debugging, we want to change this guys type so we can spot him easier
default_options - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.Spline
destroy() - Method in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.web.TteoacServiceDispatcherServlet
Just write a log entry.
determineDirectory(String, double, int) - Method in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.VolcanoWorld
determineTrainPos(double, int) - Method in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.VolcanoWorld
get the positions of the loco and cars of the train.
DEVELOPMENT - Static variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.VolcanoMain
df - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank.FishtankWorld
df - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Mushroom.MushroomWorld
df - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Ocean.OceanWorld
df - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Thrust.ThrustWorld
df3 - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Fishtank.FishtankWorld
df3 - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Mushroom.MushroomWorld
df3 - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Ocean.OceanWorld
df3 - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Thrust.ThrustWorld
df4 - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Thrust.ThrustWorld
dir - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Volcano.RStock
direction_foresight(double) - Method in class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.Spline
divide(double) - Method in class com.buckosoft.povspew.util.Vector
Divide our vector by a double
drawSimpleShroom - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Mushroom.MushroomWorld
Draw the mushroom cloud as 2 cylinders, instead of 1000s.
drawTargetMarkers - Variable in class com.buckosoft.povspew.tteoac.Reefer.ReeferWorld
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