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unreadBuffer(ICharacterScanner) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.rules.PovRuleBaseClass
update() - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.outline.PovrayContentOutlinePage
Updates the outline page.
update(String, DirtyRegion) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.outline.PovrayContentOutlinePage
update(ISourceViewer) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.updaters.BraceOccurrencesUpdater
Updates the highlighting of nested { and } braces.
updateAllErrorAnnotations() - Static method in class org.povclipse2.utils.ProjectUtils
updateComboForValue(String) - Method in class
Set the name in the combo widget to match the specified value.
updateErrorAnnotations() - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.PovrayEditor
Updates all PovClipse related markers.
updateFoldingStructure() - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.PovrayEditor
recalculates the folding structure.
updateOutputFileName() - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.ini.pages.OverviewPage
updatePerspective() - Method in class org.povclipse2.wizards.BasicNewProjectResourceWizard
Updates the perspective for the active page within the window.
updatePerspective(IConfigurationElement) - Static method in class org.povclipse2.wizards.BasicNewProjectResourceWizard
Updates the perspective based on the current settings in the Workbench/Perspectives preference page.
updatePreferenceSettings() - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.PovClipseKeyListener
updatePreferenceSettings() - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.PovrayEditor
updatePreferenceSettings() - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.PovrayEditorConfiguration
Tells the code assistant as well as the scanner to update their configuration from the preference store.
updatePreferenceSettings() - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.scanners.PovrayStringScanner
updatePresentation(Display, String, TextPresentation, int, int) - Method in class org.povclipse2.common.PovClipseHoverPresenter
Default implemtation, not uased by the framework as this class implements IInformationPresenterExtension as well!
updatePresentation(Drawable, String, TextPresentation, int, int) - Method in class org.povclipse2.common.PovClipseHoverPresenter
updateProjectsList(String) - Method in class org.povclipse2.wizards.WizardArchivePovClipseProjectResourceImportPage
Update the list of projects based on path.
updateWidgets(IniDocument) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.ini.IniEditorPage
The document was reparsed.
updateWidgets(IniDocument) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.ini.pages.AnimationPage
updateWidgets(IniDocument) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.ini.pages.OutputPage
updateWidgets(IniDocument) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.ini.pages.OverviewPage
updateWidgets(IniDocument) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.ini.pages.ParsingPage
updateWidgets(IniDocument) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.ini.pages.ShelloutPage
updateWidgets(IniDocument) - Method in class org.povclipse2.editors.ini.pages.TracingPage
use - Static variable in class org.povclipse2.i18n.I18nRenderAS
USE_FILTER - Static variable in class org.povclipse2.editors.outline.OutlinePreferenceStore
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