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September 8, 1998

Having the last name Balaska was always pretty unique growing up. If you were a Balaska, i was related.

These days, its easy to search for other Balaskas, and there aren't that many.

My dad's parents were Slovaks who emigrated to the coal mines of Southwest PA in the 1900's. Balaska also appears to be a greek name.

These are Balaskas that i found. They are listed alphabetically by first name.

Alexander BalaskaAustria A Lion in Austria.
Ann S. BalaskaIndianapolis, IN John's wife.
Ashley BalaskaMonroe, CT My 11 year old daughter (1999) sent me mail complaining that she wasn't listed.
Ben BalaskaUniversity, West Virginia. A High school wrestler in the 130 pound weight class.
Brian Balaska & FeliciaWarren MI Checkin' out the Detroit Auto Show
C. Balaska? co-authored a paper called Rapid Turbidimetric Determination of Lipase Activity in Biological Fluids eww.
Dick BalaskaGuilford, CT Me! duh.
J. BalaskaPorvoo, Finland Looks like another doctor. Pediatrician perhaps? My finnish is not so good.
Jason and Jenifer BalaskaWarren, MI Sent me an email saying Jason was Brian's brother and Rosanne's cousin.
John BalaskaIndianapolis, IN My brother made the dean's list and i didn't even know he was going to college!
John BalaskaIndianapolis, IN My brother again. His Navy career i knew about ;)
Josiane BalaskaParis, France Something to do with movies/cult videos. She's a movie director and actress.
The IMDB lists her as Josiane Balasko
JY BalaskaLondon? Reference to writing about waterbirth.
Kenneth BalaskaConnecticut Lions Eye
Research Foundation, Inc.
Hey! That's my dad!
Ken BalaskaNiantic, CT My dad is big on the Lions.
Kerry BalaskaNorth Belle Vernon, PA My cousin has always liked to race.
Kevin BalaskaWest Columbia, SC Finished 181st in the 1997 Carolina marathon
Kiki BalaskaGreece A Greek Actress.
Kwsta Balaska? Its all greek to me.
Laszlo BalaskaWeidlingbach Austria Another Austrian Lion.
Marianna BalaskaSymi Island, Greece Another Greek Balaska
Michelle BalaskaCoral Springs, FL She likes Orchids and has a birthday in April, same as me!
Robert J. BalaskaIlion, NY Designed gun parts for Remington Arms in Bridgeport, CT. Rosanne's grandfather perhaps?
Rosanne R. BalaskaIlion, NY High school class of '98.
S. Balaska Kaiserslautern U. My mom is S. Balaska, but if she knows what a Hermitean F Matrix Model is, then she's in the wrong job.
Smain BalaskaGermany Quite the physicist.
Theodore A. BalaskaBradenton, FL An Engineer too! We must be related.
Y. BalaskaFrance Writes about microcalcifications in mammaires.
Yacine BalaskaFrance Sent me an email to say that she was born in July 1954. Her greek grandparents emigrated to Algeria in 1885.
The Balaska? A church in Bridgeport, CT references "everyone's favorite" hotel called The Balaska. I tried to find out more about this superbly named hotel. (like where is it?)
Balaska EquipamentosBrazil A Balaska selling boots and soap in Brazil?
Xena?? I have no idea what this says, but it sounds like a Balaska tangs Gabrielle!

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