XPilot For Windows Installation

August 21, 1996

Here's what you need to do.

Starting the game


ReadMe.txtPointers to XPilot information.
XPilot.exeThis is the client program. The game that you run on your PC.
XPilot.iniThis is the configuration file for XPilotNT. Read this file to see what options you can tweak.
XPilot.shpThis file contains the shipshape library. After you get bored with the default ship, you can use one of these. This file must reside in the same directory ('Folder' if you're using Win95) as the program.
XPwho uses this file in the shipbar.
XPilot-server.exeThis is the server program. It controls the XPilot world.
XPwho.exeThis program connects to the XPilot meta-server and displays a list of all games in progress around the world. You can use it to select a game to join and start XPilotNT. Future versions will give ping times (measure distance) to the servers.
doc\Bugs.txtA listing of known bugs from the XPilot distribution.
doc\Credits.txtA listing of people who have contributed to XPilot.
doc\faq.txtThe FAQ from the XPilot source distribution.
doc\README_maps.txt &
If you want to want to brave the world of map making by hand, these two files give some specifications.
doc\ServerOpts.txtA listing of the options available to the server. The XPilot-server HOWTO describes this file.
lib\Robots.txtThis file is used by the server to describe the default behaviours for the robots. If you would like your robots to be less aggressive, rename this file to something like Robots.txt.sav . The defaults built into the program are much more tame and you can really slaughter some bots.
lib\ServerMOTD.txtThis file is used by the server program and contains the Message Of The Day text to by displayed when the client asks for the MOTD. Note that in UNIX, the client's default is to always display the MOTD on startup, so you may want to be sure to place your personal startup message in here.
lib\maps\*.mapThese are the standard maps that are shipped with XPilot. The only difference is the addition of default.map which is a copy of Bjørn Stabell's globe.map with some changes to make it easier to learn to fly.
mfc40.dll &
These are required system DLLs that belong in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. I removed them from the distribution because they bloated/doubled my zip file size and are already on 99.9% of computers. If you don't have them, do yourself a favor and get Netscape 3.0

The Windows version of XPilot
XPilot is a cool network based game

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