November 23, 2017

If you are familiar with eclipse, this is exactly an eclipse workspace,

otherwise, a workspace is metadata (a single file) that stores per project preferences; window position, open files, etc.

The most important of these preferences is the project root directory. This is nominally the directory that you will start renders from. (You can choose a subdirectory.)

When you first start qtpovray, it will ask you for a workspace. The default location for workspace files on Ubuntu is ~/.cache/qtpovray . Choose a filename that has meaning, like foo for your foo project.

After you've created a workspace, it will ask you for your POV-Ray directory. This is where you keep your foo.pov, and foo.ini files.

Workspaces are saved automatically and subsequent launches of qtpovray should put you back to exactly where you left off.

After you tire of your foo project, you want to work on your starfield project.
Under the File menu, select Switch Workspace -> Other. This will let you create another workspace, or choose an existing one.

A workspace is stored as a *.pws file, which is an editable plain text file.

Linux/Debian workspaces are stored by default in ~/.cache/qtpovray
Windows workspaces are stored in $HOMEPATH/Appdata/Local/qtpovray/cache