User Insert Menu

September 22, 2017

There are two root directories that are searched for your insert menus. The contents of these two directories are merged and displayed as a unified menu. Your entries are sorted into the menu.
To that end, note the special file naming of the menu files:
2-characters space dash space actual name
Three types of entries are supported: So for example, I have the User Ins Menu configured to /home/dick/povray/myInsertMenu.
In that directory, I have a directory 00 - Bucko Menu. In that directory, I have two files 10 - New Object.txt and 20 - New Director.txt.
+ myInsertMenu
   + 00 - Bucko Menu
      +- 30 - New Object.txt
      +- 40 - New Director.txt
This results in the Bucko Menu being inserted at the top of the menu (because it starts with 00).