Find / Search text

December 13, 2017

To search for text, bring up the Find dialog by pressing Ctrl-F.

Searching for text has three components.

There are several options for searching.

The Search in Files results are displayed in the Search Console.

Navigate the results by double-clicking on an entry to open an editor and go to that location.

Find Next / Find Previous

The F3 and Shift-F3 keys move to the next and previous match respectively.

The previous search is used for the source of the Find Next. That is, if you did a 'Find', then Find Next only searches in the current file. If you did a Search in Files, then the next entry in the Search Console will be selected and displayed.

The F3 and Shift-F3 keys are configurable in the Keys Preference dialog.


If there is text selected in the editor, and there is text in the Replace with: textbox, then the Replace buttons become available.