October 18, 2017

Generated Documentation


Setup Qt development

$ sudo apt install \
  git \
  qt5-qmake \
  qt5-default \
  libboost-dev \
  libboost-date-time-dev \
  libboost-thread-dev \
  libz-dev \
  libpng-dev \
  libjpeg-dev \
  libtiff-dev \

Build qtpovray

$ git clone https://github.com/dickbalaska/qtpovray.git && \
  cd qtpovray && \
  git checkout qtpovray && \
  qmake && \
  make -j4


Build qtpovray.exe

Pick a directory to build in. You should use something/qtpovray/qtpovray because QtCreator builds into .. .

git clone http://git.buckosoft.com/git/pov/qtpov.git

Start QtCreator and open qtpov.pro

Build povrayws64.exe

Pick a directory to build povray in. You could use something/qtpov to keep things together.

git clone https://github.com/dickbalaska/povray.git
cd povray
git checkout network

Start vs2015. Open solution .../povray/windows/vs2015/povray.sln

Edit .../povray/windows/povconfig/syspovconfig.h. Enable the #define _CONSOLE line.

Edit .../povray/source/base/build.h and fix the BUILT_BY line.

Make sure to select the Release x64 build configuration.

F7 build.

Optional: Copy .../povray/windows/vs2015/bin64/povrayws64.exe to the directory that your qtpov.exe lives in.

Optional: After building qtpov.exe and povrayws64.exe, you can run the script .../qtpov/scripts/deploywindows.sh to package up all of the files into a distribution, and then run qtpov.exe from there.