Colormap Editor

December 30, 2017

Color maps are a feature of POV-Ray. qtpovray provides some support to assist with colormaps.

Currently, qtpovray only understands the rgb[ft]<> syntax in colormap sub-expressions.

qtpovray displays a representative tooltip of the colormap if you hover over the color_map keyword.

The Colormap Editor is activated via a context-click (right-click).

If the cursor is over a color_map token, that color_map is parsed and edited, otherwise a new color_map is created.

There are two sides to the colormap editor, the offset editor on the left and the color editor on the right.

Press Ok to close the editor and accept the changes. If you are editing an existing color_map, it is replaced with the new color_map. Otherwise, the color_map is inserted at the current cursor.