December 18, 1995

Chris, Pete and i went to the PAPA 5 pinball tournament in New York City. This event took place over the weekend of Feb 4-6 1995.

I did pretty well. I finished 7th in the "C" division. Which means overall i sort of finished 41st out of over 1000 people. (The top 17 qualifiers in each division move on to the quarter finals, so towards the end of qualifying, everyone is scrambling to qualify somewhere.

I qualified 11th. Dave Stewart lists ALL of the qualifying results here.

I aced the quarter finals. Unfortunately, Dave's quarter finals listing doesn't exist yet.

I didn't do as well in semi finals. In fact, i was eliminated (barely). If only i had gotten 4 million more on Shaq Attaq, or not tilted Frankenstein. Dave records the results here

The finals: here

I tried to qualify in the "B" division. The row of machines used for The "B" Line was under a mezzanine. So there were these spot lights eight feet above the tables.
Glare City.
Someone had the idea to turn these lights off. Not a bad idea, but then the tables became dark. I'm not sure which was worse.
In any event, i couldn't see what i was doing. If i had gone down the line once or twice more, i possibly could have qualified; but i sure wouldn't enjoy it.
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