XPilot5 Installation

September 9, 2001
Current version: XPilot5.0.0

Windoids can just download and execute the Windows binary distribution.
Note the binary distribution co-exists with original flavor XPilot. It creates its own menu tree and directory structure.
Windoids may instead follow the build instructions below. In fact, Bucko prefers to develop on Win2k. (Daedlaes prefers Linux)

Linux users must build XPilot5. This is a two part installation.
Note that XPilot5 may co-exist with xpilot. The default installation location for XPilot is /usr/local/games. The default installation location for XPilot5 is /usr/local/xpilot, (and the default for ng is /usr/local/bin) although non-privileged users can install xpilot anywhere in their tree.
  1. Install OpenAL (optional, if you want client sound.)
  2. Install fltk
  3. Install xpilot5

Linuxalternate build technique. You can download and run the super groovy fetch and build script V which will hopefully do all the work for you.
With no options, this script will fetch the latest version of xpilot5 and build it.
Oops, The build script does not handle installing OpenAL. You have to do that part yourself and then run the above script.
The -c option will cause the script to fetch via cvs instead. (-? will list all options)
Right click on that link and save it to a file on your harddisk.
Be sure to edit or at least examine the directory variables at the top of the script before you run it.
With this script, XPilot5 tries to configure fltk the way we like it (i.e. with png).

Browselisting of available files.

The C++ port of XPilot
XPilot is a cool network based game

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