Thu Dec 14 2017 08:03:38 EST
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ID Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Pri Sev Changed
2 povrayws dick CONF --- Get povray to build with the Qt build system. Normal enh 2017-12-05
10 qtpov dick CONF --- Rework the editor coloring system Normal enh Tue 04:38
9 qtpov dick CONF --- Add edit command Ctrl-/ to comment out a block of code Normal enh Tue 04:35
8 qtpov dick CONF --- If a render error is received, switch to the POV-Ray console Normal enh Tue 04:34
7 qtpov dick CONF --- During Find and Find next, select the word that was found Normal enh Tue 04:30
4 qtpov dick CONF --- Configurable toolbar button sizes Normal enh 2017-12-05
3 qtpov dick CONF --- Implement the Insert Menu Normal enh 2017-12-05
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