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14 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
34 PovClips Eclipse dick CONF --- Don't change window focus when updating the Render Messages View 2017-02-27
30 PovClips Eclipse dick CONF --- Use a monospaced font in the render messages view 2017-02-05
23 PovClips Eclipse dick CONF --- Clicking an image in the Navigator should open the image in the Image View 2017-01-18
17 PovClips Eclipse dick CONF --- The Insert menu button and the Render menu button should be in the same menu 2017-02-06
33 PovClips Editor dick CONF --- Don't erase and redraw all annotations 2017-02-11
29 PovClips Editor dick CONF --- Add support for srgb 2017-02-05
11 PovClips Ini Edit dick CONF --- Declarations in the Parsing tab are wonky 2017-02-27
10 PovClips Ini Edit dick CONF --- Shellout tab is non-functional 2016-05-25
7 PovClips Ini Edit dick CONF --- Errors in the ini file should mark the decoration in the project explorer. 2017-02-27
31 PovClips Parser dick CONF --- Parse configurable objects, for hgpovray. 2017-02-05
26 PovClips Parser dick CONF --- color parsing doesn't know where the end of its keywords are. shadowless belongs to the light, not the color 2017-01-31
24 PovClips Parser dick CONF --- When editing a file that is not in the current active project, don't rescan the project. 2017-01-23
22 PovClips Parser dick CONF --- Parser doesn't need to build and save hover info at parse time. Do it at hover time. 2017-01-18
27 PovClips Preferen dick CONF --- Create a preference page to enable/disable all of the processing and display of errors. 2017-02-01
14 bugs found.


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