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Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
Code Work 18 FIXME, TODO, XXX

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Code Work

Number of occurrences found in the code: 18

com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.ClientReceiveParser Line
Someday, change the icon on this state 632
com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.CommandDispatcherImpl Line
this.mainDialog.getDocument().setYourTurnToRollOrDouble(false); 415
this.mainDialog.getDocument().setYourTurnToRollOrDouble(false); 420
This is stupid, resume is the same as start, but with a board command? 876
this.mainDialog.getDocument().setYourTurnToRollOrDouble(false); this.mainDialog.getDocument().getBoard().setSortDice(this.properties.isHighDieLeft()); this.mainDialog.getGameManager().yourMove(diceToMove); } 901
com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.RatingGraphPanelConfigureDialog Line
Date does nothing. 348
com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.account.NewbieDialog Line
Auto-generated Event stub actionPerformed() 184
Auto-generated Event stub actionPerformed() 204
Auto-generated Event stub actionPerformed() 224
com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.BoardGui Line
We need to start an animate here. 2013, why? 338
com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.AnimateManager Line
ad = new DoubleFlasher(); 486
Temp! 487
com.buckosoft.fibs.BuckoFIBS.gui.boardTab.boardPane.BoardPane Line
make something up for now. This could be better. 394
Should calculate our own font, use this for now 1107
com.buckosoft.fibs.domain.TestPlayer Line
fail("Not yet implemented"); 261
com.buckosoft.fibs.gui.board.BoardTestCommandDispatcher Line
Auto-generated method stub 215
com.buckosoft.fibs.net.CookieMonster Line
run to the end of line, doesn't handle runons. 389
run to the end of line, doesn't handle runons. 390